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ESMOD SEOUL, established in 1989 as an exclusive branch school of ESMOD PARIS, is the leading fashion institute in Korea. It has prominently distinguished itself and marked its place in fashion industry through both its sophisticated creativity and technical excellences.

It has adopted same industry-based curriculum of ESMOD PARIS and has been producing more than 1800 fashion professionals and confirmed itself as the forerunner in ever-changing energetic Korean fashion industry. Not only its graduates work for already established prestigious Korean and international fashion brands but also have successfully launched their own brands which are widely welcomed by international scene. Juun J is just one of many examples.

ESMOD SEOUL is running 3 year-program specialized in fashion design and creation. Its hands-on core educational system simultaneously emphasizes on both Stylisme (means fashion design in French word) and Modelisme (means pattern drafting in French word) giving students strong foundation with creativity and technicality thus well-preparing its graduates for the real fashion world. At the end of 2nd year class, students will be able to declare their major by choosing one specific area of women's wear, men's wear, children's wear or lingerie. Upon their graduation, they will be given the chance to present their professionalism and practicality through their own collections.

ESMOD SEOUL also runs a student exchange program among its ESMOD NETWORK which encompasses 21 schools in 14 different countries which better equips the students for future international experiences.

ESMOD SEOUL provides a short program in summer time. As an only short program in ESMOD SEOUL, the summer classes are open in the middle of July every year for the public who wishes to discover the world of garment creation for their own pleasure or for the candidates who wish to get an initiation into the ESMOD methods.

- ESMOD PARIS created in 1841 as the first fashion school in the world, by Alexis LAVIGNE who had tailored the royal costume of Napoleon III
- ESMOD SEOUL found officially in 1989
- 3 year-program in fashion design & pattern drafting
- Choice among 4 majors in 3rd year class (Women’s wear, Men’s wear, Children’s wear, Lingerie)
- Summer classes open in the middle of July every year
- 21 schools located in 14 countries around the world

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